Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Animation Wallpapers

Rendered content included with DreamScene (such as an animated realization of the Windows Aurora background) was produced by Stardock, while photographic content was provided by the Discovery Channel. Third-party video content in MPEG or WMV format may also be used. In addition, AVI files can be played by altering the file extension.

One of the purported advantages of DreamScene over previous methods of desktop animation is that it makes use of the GPU for display instead of the CPU, leaving the latter free to perform user tasks. To what extent this is achieved is not specified. When a full-screen program is run, such as a game or any window that is maximized, the video will automatically stop since the video will not be seen and will use less GPU and CPU. The video can also be stopped manually. Content encoders need to strive for a balance between compression and file size; decompression requires the CPU, but larger files take up more memory and may cause the disk to be accessed more frequently.

In Windows 7, DreamScene has been replaced by a "Desktop Slideshow" feature which produces slideshow background wallpapers, but does not support videos. The Windows Vista DreamScene DLL can be registered on Windows 7 to make it work, as hacks circulating on the internet describe.

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Order 260+ Animated Wallpapers

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