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Gundam Seed Destiny Wallpapers

Gundam SEED Destiny takes place in Cosmic Era 73. By now, the war that had taken place in Gundam SEED has been long ended and new characters are appearing taking the role of the nemesis. Athrun has left ZAFT and a new counterpart appears. His name is Shin Asuka, and he is one of the leading characters in the series. Athrun is now a part of Orb along with Cagalli. Fighting with revenge for his family's deaths, Shin Asuka strikes his foes believing that it is justice.

Yes this is the continuation of Gundam SEED series! Peace has come to both Earth Alliance and ZAFT after Gundam SEED's incident (final episode), everything went fine where both colony were concentrating in rebuilding their economy. However, there is one man that thinks that war will unite peoples, so he planned a terrorist attack on Earth Alliance's colony and blaming ZAFT for it.

At the beginning, Kira Yamato will have no appearance! this is frustrating to Gundam SEED's fan because he is our favourite character... But, this is compensated with Athrun Zala's appearance where he acted as Cagalli's bodyguard.

Gundam SEED Destiny series shows that the old-timer are way better than the newbies, this is proved at the beginning where Athrun only piloted the antic Zaku Gundam (very old model) and managed to do considerable damage to the new enemies which are new models. While our new hero Shin Asuka, also riding a new Gundam model, only managed to only drive the enemy off.

Athrun have to pilot the old-fashioned Zaku to save Cagalli!

Even with ancient Zaku, the enemy piloting new Gundam only managed to cut his arm! (where the new enemy's Gundam totaly own any other mobile suit with one-hit)

The story is focused more on Shin Asuka's life and how another war broke off. With new improved stunning graphic designs and for me, beautiful new Gundams... Gundam SEED Destiny is another masterpiece!

The new enemies in Gundam SEED Destiny were some kids that lack skills, this is quite frustrating because Shin alone can fought them three at once and still win! So, it will be child-play if Kira or Athrun actually take actions...

From the left, Abyss / Chaos / Gaia that were stolen. The Gundam's name were awesome but too bad, the pilots not really experienced. Still, they put up a good fight with Shin. The capturing plan was very intelligent, a squad to clear outer-space in-case there's pursuer while they running back to their base, and another squad to steal and cause uproar in the surface before running away.

Shin Asuka and his team attempt to chase the enemy, but only half-way as it will be too dangerous to go into enemy territory with such hasty way.

the story later continue with Shin's development and what our old characters from Gundam SEED has been doing. Do you remember the three people that hijacked the Gundam? Gaia Gundam was piloted by a girl that Shin liked, but the one responsible in the attack brainwashed her and make her to be a "Destroyer", as i said... to bring war.

Gundam that the girl piloted was called "Destroy Gundam", a fitting name.

This leads to Kira's action to shop the girl from killing everyone! But Shin will not allow it, he will not allow Kira to kill anymore of his beloved peoples (Kira killed his family when fighting enemy gundam on Gundam SEED series). This is where Shin's Impulse Gundam defeated Kira's Freedom Gundam (from Gundam SEED, quite old already hahah). Shin with some help from his friend on the plan, execute a rapid-attack plan to get Kira, i think it was called "Angel Down Operation". Kira with his soft heart only damages his enemy's important parts and disables it, but not killing it. Taking this as advantage, Shin dodges all his attack knowing where he will hits and... and Kira's Gundam do a "Nuclear Explosion" because Gundams used Nuclear Reactor for endless activation-time.

Vengeful Shin VS Soft-Hearted Kira

The Final-Battle of Gundam SEED Destiny not really interesting, Kira and Athrun kills off the enemy easily, which are only Destiny and Legend Gundam. The last boss which are the one responsible for all the tragedy doesnt even have a Gundam, so the series ended very peacefully.

Another thing is that i have heard rumours about next Gundam SEED's sequel... some said Gundam SEED Fortune / Gundam SEED Eternity, but no confirmation have been made. But theres alot of pictures you can find in the internet that shows Athrun already have few childrens, i wonder hows Kira.

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