Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love is a cartoon like Tom and Jerry

From our very childhood we are accustomed to see tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry play with each other, poke each other as if they never feel bother on any kinds of spoilsport.

They play on everything, they found amusing. They are imaginative, inventive, creative,scientific minded. They are sometimes jealous, wanton type,wanderlust, stubborn and sticky to each other. Beyond these they are lovey, kind hearted, helpful, a true friend in need.

They are sometimes very very destructive, we can hardly expect a fraction of those cruelty in our real life. Sometimes they play in such a rude way that a fraction that is sufficient to vanish you from the world.

They are creative, they always invent some new way to make new types of cheerings to enjoy their life. Their scientific mind act on everything they find on their way.

They are jealous to each other in some occasions. Sometimes they act as if that they can't stand each others comfort. If Jerry goes merriment without tom, it goes crazy, abusive,bellicose and never mind attacking Jerry blatantly. If tom has a nice time passing with it's girl, Jerry apply it's inventive mind to find a way to spoil it's joy.

Jerry is sometimes kind hearted to other animals like goose baby or puppy baby. But tom is always brawly natured. Things come out as if that tom finds out every thing as his sport materials. But Jerry tries to save them from tom's cruelty.

Tom and Jerry both are afraid of creatures bigger and mightier than both of them. They are afraid of ghostly being or vampires.Tom fears the big puppy, the biggy fleshy housewife and so on. Jerry does the same.

Topics come out so far reveals nothing about that tom and Jerry love each other. Then where is the ground of my claim that love is a cartoon like tom and Jerry?

Although tom and jerry always busy with their brawly nature. There are some soft and kind zone in their heart for each other. When tom is in the danger of life by a third party or mightier animal, Jerry try to save tom's life. And if Jerry suffer the same tom can't stay inert, tom also come out with a inventive mind to save Jerry's life. What is this that they don't want to loose each other for ever? It's love, it's their attraction towards each other.

Jerry and tom play with each other years after after. Things come out as if that they remain the same what the circumstances or their past was. Their quarrelly nature don't make any separation between them. They never remind anything from their past. They try to be happy with their present life. Jerry follow tom where ever it goes. Their bond is unthinkable, their mind is unidirectional towards each others heart. Their love for each other remain the same strong year after year.

When tom is sick and can't move, Jerry come with a helping hand. And when tom gets well Jerry make it's game with tom. They are jovial, energetic, agile and muse making. Their love for each other is hidden in their heart. It comes out when it is needed.

Love is that type, not always demand that you jabber or prove you're a sycophant on love. Love demands a true heart, a true friend that come out in real time,in real needing. Love demand your care, your amusement too. Love demands your mild attack and your soothy voice afterward. Love needs your creativity, your prudence, your scientific point of view on some topics too. Love wants that you feel jealous when your partner is making joy with some1 other than you. And when show your jealousy to your partner, he or she feel as if that you are a perfect partner for him or her. Love demands a mild quarrels sometimes, mild heart attack and tears. And after that belligerent period you try to cool down your environment. Love needs your cooperation in every activities, your taking care and your cravings for your partner. Love demands when he or she away from you, you feel her absence and feel the urge that you can't stay a long. You feel her in your heart. Your mind, your love for her or him make you unsettled.

Love thus sometimes comes out as if that you are just a mad. But love demands your cool and pragmatic mind also. When she is in the threat of severe danger, it deserve you come out as a real hero. You try to win every obstacle to make your love come out of that danger. And if you can't understand these simple things than you have no right to love at all.

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