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Pani Poni Dash Wallpapers

Pani Poni Dash! Logo...
I've Randomly heard of Pani Poni Dash! as being a good Comedy anime... I Finally tried it out, & Realised that Pani Poni Dash! is One of the Most Funniest Animes OUT THERE~! =D

Info on Pani Poni Dash! from
Title : Pani Poni Dash!
Japanese Title : ぱにぽにだっしゅ!
Total Episodes : 26
Genres : Comedy, Parody
Year Published : 2005

What Pani Poni Dash! is About...
In a High School called the Peach Moon Academy (桃月学園, Momotsuki Gakuen), Class 1-C's homeroom teacher suddenly quits one day, and is replaced by Rebecca Miyamoto, a child prodigy who is only 11 years old and has already graduated from University. The students in her class aren't normal either... How will Life turn out from here on?!

THERE ARE EXTREMELY MANY Characters Introduced in Pani Poni Dash! So I'll only introduce the main ones that appear in every episode (i suppose)... =/

Rebecca Miyamoto, born to an American father and a Japanese mother, although she keeps her mother's last name. She's Cute & Clever, but still a kid deep inside... Is She Really Able to teach a class???

Ichijo, the Class Representative of Class 1-C. Mysterious & a Person of very few words, but many Secrets & Powers?! What tricks does she have up her sleeve???

Katagiri Himeko, a Wastefully Energetic Girl who constantly says "Maho" and "Omega" and many other nonsense. Basically an Idiot, but what is the Secret of her lock of hair that stands up?!

Miyako & Rei...
Uehara Miyako (Left), a studious bookworm with an Extremely Shiny Forehead.
Tachibana Rei (Right), Cold, Evil, and Greedy. She usually acts as the leader of the group, and has many tricks up her sleeve as well...

Sayaka & Kurumi...
Momose Kurumi (Left), known as the "plain-looking" girl with "plain" actions. Not outstanding at all, but the most normal of all...
Suzuki Sayaka (Right), more commonly known as Rokugou (Number 6) as she is Number 6 on the class list. A Very Nice Girl who does favours for everyone easily without any complaints...

My Review on the anime, Pani Poni Dash!
I wasn't expecting much from Pani Poni Dash! as it didn't seem very popular judging from the number of reviews on =/ But there were MANY Excellent Ratings on AnimeNewsNetwork, So I Decided to give PPD a try, & I Found One of the Most Funniest Animes Ever~! x)

Animation was Pretty Good~! Well, It's Expected of an anime from 2005. There are Many Different Art Styles used due to the parodies, & The Animation Are Always Very Well Done. But Not exactly deserving of a 10, as there wasn't really anything that really Amazed Me... =/ But Character Designs were Well Done, & Animation Was Very Well Done. =)

Sounds? Having well Known Seiyuus voicing the characters in this anime and sometimes parodying the other animes that the seiyuus had previously voiced in?! Very clever, & Making Use of these Really GREAT Voice Talents to Sing the Theme Songs for the PPD? What More can you Ask For?! All the Songs featured had a Great Tune, Funky Beat & Nice Melodies, or just had its Comedy Value? If you Like Female J-pop and maybe even some techno, You'll Definitely find yourself Addicted to PPD's Theme songs & Want to listen to them Over & Over Again~! Definitely TOPS for the Sounds~! =D

What about the story? Well, for a comedy anime to be funny, it has to cleverly make use of their characters to bring out the comedy. With that, Many Characters are Instantly Introduced within the first few episodes, & Most of the names would probably not stick in your head until the 10th or even the 20th episode?! or Maybe even NEVER?! Well, Basically, PPD Parodies Various other Animes & Cultures from Japan & America, while putting in some of its own Original Comedy, so they aren't just a copycat.

Well, I'm not from Japan, so I couldn't enjoy the MAX Potential Comedy that Pani Poni Dash! had to Offer. T_T But STILL, It Was REALLY FUNNY ANYWAY~ Even though i didn't know most of its parodies, and had to read about them through the notes of the fansubs. I Would Most Probably had Definitely Enjoyed the Comedy MUCH BETTER If I was from Japan, so that I Could understand the culture and some of its hidden jokes and PPD's parodies and many references. Despite that, Even though i couldn't Enjoy the MAX Potential Comedy that was there, I Still Enjoyed PPD Anyway, Laughing Out REALLY LOUD EVery Episode~! =D

Well, like i said, Many Characters were instantly introduced in the first few episodes, and the names probably wouldn't stick with you until MUCH Later or maybe even Never?! Well, that is probably one of PPD's flaws. Another flaw might be, some of the character's information flew by too fast, & until only just now, I thought one of the character which was a student, i thought she was one of the teachers. =_=

Well despite that, All the Characters were Used Very Well to bring in Great Comedy for PPD~! DEFINITELY~! Okay, so some might think that PPD is a copy of Azumanga Daioh. That may be true in some ways, but as the series progressed, i felt that the characters of PPD start to feel more original, and they probably kinda grew onto me, so i don't feel that way. =/ Well, even though Pani Poni Dash! was FULL BLAST Comedy, It had some good touching nice slow moments which developed the characters quite a bit. Wait, no, just being able to enjoy all that comedy with all those characters had made me feel as though those characters had grown onto me, and they were developed every episode with the comedy. x)

Overall, I Enjoyed PPD a LOT & Think that Pani Poni Dash! is a Really GREAT Comedy Anime, Probably one of the Best Ones Around Too~!=) However, i would only recommend it to those who have vast knowledge of Japan's & America's culture, as you probably would not be able to enjoy PPD at its Max potential if you don't. But then again, it's not really necessary, because Pani Poni Dash! has Its Own Comedy to offer as well. =)

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